Paris: Galerie de Medicis

I´ve been in love with Paris since my first trip here in ´97. I was 17 at the time and my parents had agreed to let me go on a “trip around Europe” with my school on one condition- take my younger brother with me. Needless to say I was quite unhappy with that aspect, but it turned out to be a trip to remember. Details in another post. 😉

We´re in Paris for 6 days and more in love with the city than ever! I don´t know how one can not love Paris. It´s beyond my comprehension. We´re having such a great time, smiling from ear to ear until our feet can´t bear us any more, then we stop for a coffee, a cup of champagne or a bite. But I´ll tell you more about the trip itself in another post.

This one is about Galerie de Medicis, a lovely contemporary gallery in Place des Vosges, in Marais. We past it twice in two different days and I fell in love with it, especially with the artist Jean Paul Donadini. His work appeals to me, maybe due to its  pop art elements, the bold colors and the French cultural references. I seldom feel the need to own an art piece, but the blue painting is something else! I didn´t dare go inside and ask for prices, but maybe I´ll try writing them a mail. What do you think?


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