The Child´s Pose

Finally I got around to see the Romanian movie everyone is talking about, the one that won the Golden Bear award at the Berlin film festival. I´m not exactly a patron of the arts, but I love a good movie and I´m quite patriotic, too. 😉 Besides, I really feel that Romanian cinematography has reached new heights, I for one liked each and every one of the movies that won prizes lately.;-)

The Child´s Pose directed by Calin Peter Netzer depicts the Romanian society in such vivid colors of tragic and comic that one can´t help but be sucked into the situation. An affluent family tries to save their only son from the prospects of jail after having killed a child when speeding to overtake another car. The scene is very authentic, you get to see fragments of daily life, interpersonal relationships, the importance of social status, of being well-connected, of keeping up appearances. A bitter mother trying to control her son´s life, including his choice of partner, is struggling to get him to acknowledge her efforts. The son, exhausted by his mother´s interference, is trying to find a path of his own to reach maturity, by accepting responsibility. An honest portrait of Romania with all its levels of corruption, glam and glitz, morality and amorality. Highly recommended!


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