Gozo, Malta

I always chose my destinations based on pictures.  I like the pictures, I find out more about the country. And although Lonely Planet is my favorite guide,  they really underestimate the power of pictures. As you know, a picture says more than 1000 words… So this is how we decided we should go to Gozo 6 years ago. I had read about it in a magazine, it was near enough, meaning we wouldn´t have to travel for more than two weeks, it was wild, pretty and a little exclusive. No giant hotels, no neon lights avenues.

If you´ve ever dreamed of going to Malta, try Gozo instead! It has everything Malta can offer you and on top of it peace and quiet. We´ve been to Gozo twice, both times in Qala, a cute village with 5-6 restaurants, 5 minutes by car from Hondoq Bay, this lovely gulf you see just below. The main reason we came back to Qala was the hostess, a lovely English lady in her 40s who runs Lellux B&B and does everything to make you feel at home. Everything else is just a bonus: the water, the snorkeling, the friends we got, the amazing food.

You should go in late August, otherwise the weather is unbearably hot. Besides, August is time for fiestas – traditional village celebrations- and the Gozo Wine Festival. It´s so authentic and so vibrant that you´ll never settle for Costa del Sol again. Let the pictures speak for themselves!












Check out the lovely b&b, Lellux. Besides spacey rooms, impeccable cleanliness, an graceful host and excellent service, you´ll meet the most amazing fellow guests, ever! We had a blast there with all our friends from Italy, France, USA and Great Britain and we´re still in touch.

Source: last picture is from tripadvisor.co.uk

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