I´m very much into photography and graphics. I won´t pretend to know a lot about art, but that´s besides the point, as long as it awakens any sort of tremble within me, it´s art enough.

I seldom have epiphanies on account of an art work and the few times I do, the pieces are usually so over my means that I have to swallow my pride and leave. Nevertheless, I won´t ever forget Kana Otofuji´s exhibition in Bygdøy allé, 10 years ago. I had just started dating my husband and we wore broke as never before and never since, walking around purposely, happy just to be together. We entered this gallery and I was stricken with awe when seeing her pictures on aluminum. They presented me with such an ethereal beauty I was just blown away. I remember having thought that if I had the money, I wouldn´t have hesitated, even though it would have been the equivalent of three months´rent. I´m still waiting to “grow up” so I can afford a couple of her paintings.


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